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Tips for Choosing a Two Piece Dress for a Plus Sized Woman

Posted on 2017-12-15  in Beauty

One area that some women fail when it comes to trends is the part of dressing according to their bodies. Women have different body types and sizes which include an hourglass, pear or full bodies. Some are slender, slim or plus sized. The first thing you, need to consider before buying your clothes is if it can fit and complement your body type. There are a variety of trends and one of the latest styles that we have seen a lot of women embracing are the two-piece dress. Two-piece dress style is a versatile trend that can be worn for any occasion as long you select the right fitting and style as well. Also, this style can be worn by all sizes including plus-sized women.

So what tips can a plus size woman follow when selecting the right two-pieces dress?

The waist

woman with blue dressThe waist part is the focal point when selecting any dress. This is because the area defines your entire body hence the need to accentuate it. So when choosing the skirt part, make sure that the waistband lies at the waist area to define it. Also, the size of the waistband matters a lot as you need a band that will show off your waistline. For plus-sized women, avoid slim waistband skirts and opt for medium or large waistband skirts.

Your body type

Just like slim women, plus size ladies have different body types as well. And one way to ensure you look sexy no matter your size is by dressing according to your body type. Remember you need to look hot and still avoid looking too full. If you are an hourglass-shaped, make sure you choose a dress that flatters your curves and the same goes for other body types. Some of the dresses that can work for an hourglass sized lady are body cone skits or a mermaid skirt as it defines the curves the right way. If you have a pear shape, consider wearing a peplum dress since it balances your lower body perfectly. Also, a long flared skirt dress would be an excellent choice for such a body.

The colors

A plus-sized woman can rock different colored two sized dress just like a slim lady. When it comes to selecting the two different colors, make sure they blend well and are not too loud as well. Some of the colors that you may consider are a red skirt with a white lace top.

The event

The event you are attending determines the kind of dress to buy. If it is a formal event, you would want a dress that is decent but at the same time makes your curvaceous body look sexy. If it is a formal dress, make sure the skirt and the top area don’t show off too much skin. But if you are going for some drinks with your girlfriends or even a dinner date, you can show off a little bit of your skin.

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All women are beautiful regardless of their body type or sizes. All you need to know is how to dress your body and how to choose the right combinations of colors and sizes. So if you are a plus-sized woman, follow the above buying guide to help you select the proper two-piece dress.

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