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Things make men physically attractive

Posted on 2017-09-15  in Beauty

Just like women, men are also concern about their physical image. Attractive physical appearance enhances personality, and it helps build a relationship. Well, personality traits like kindness, humor, and having substance are part of the total attractiveness of men. But, considering the physical attractiveness, it boosts confidence and self-worth, and it impresses people. So, what makes men physically attractive?



Men with healthy and well-toned muscles are more attractive for most women. It is the same way men attracted to women having massive boobs. That is why most of the men spend more time working in the gym to attain the primary asset of the body. It also means for girls that the man has discipline and stamina to the physical activity.

man with good abs



Some women like a man having long hair, others prefer short hair and for few, don’t care anyway. But for most men, they are conscious of how they look with their hair. More likely, man spend more time, effort and money just to have a healthy and lovely hair either in a salon or a barbershop. Men todays are also particular of the hair services offered in many salons. But same services also offered in many barbershops like the barbershop in Franklin that offers different hairstyle cut. In availing types of hair services, better call ahead to arrange an appointment with the hair stylist to save time.

Thick stubble and strong jawline


Most women love it. Thats the fact. Most girls find men attractive with the hair on a face as revealed to most studies. It gives an impression of bearing only the essential hygiene but still looks good, and men with this attributes gives an appeal that he knows what he wants in life. Jawline adds appeal to the facial impression of men. It has something to do with the degree of testosterone a man could have, so it leaves an impression that the more a man has a strong jawline, the more masculine and attractive the man is.

man with strong jawline

Limbal ring and smile


The limbal ring is the particular part of the eye that makes a man more attractive. It is in the eyes that most feelings and thoughts are expressed, thus, staring straight into the eyes of man leads to the heart of most women. Along with this, a smile of a man adds intense  attraction to women.

Height and body symmetry


According to studies, taller men can quickly catch the attention of women than the shorter ones. Most women that like men with longer legs feel more the masculinity and security from them. This criterion goes along the body symmetry of a person having strong health and adaptability.

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