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Reducing Age Spots, Mild Scarring, And Fine Lines

Posted on 2016-10-14  in Skin Care

Facial scars are formed in various ways. The scars may be in result of injuries, skin diseases, surgery or burns. An individual’s face is usually exposed to the surrounding environment which makes the injury on the part of the body a longer time to heal. On some areas of the body, an individual is required to cover the wounded part which accelerates the healing process. For reducing age spots, mild scarring, and fine lines, there are several methods an individual should consider.

Different ways


rubbing creamDermabrasion is a standard method, and usually it is useful for getting rid of facial scars. It is carried out by a person known as a dermatologist. A wire brush or a wheel is used to remove the skin’s top layers on an individual face. Individuals with sensitive are advised not consider this method since it makes them very uncomfortable. Individuals with autoimmune disorders also should not consider this option. Fifty percent of scars on an individual’s face is reduced when dermabrasion method is found.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are usually applied on an individual’s face. These chemicals peels contain acids which are gentle to one’s skin. When applied to one’s skin, the layer of the skin on the upper area breaks away and spills off, and another layer of the skin is exposed. Deep peel, medium peel, and superficial peel are the common types of chemical peel. When an individual undergoes a deep peel, he takes a longer time to heal. When chemical peel process is done correctly, it results in a smooth and younger skin.

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing involves the removal of the upper layer of the skin which results in a new layer being exposed. In laser resurfacing acids are not employed. The use of laser beams which are high powdered is applied to the upper surface of the skin to be removed. Carbon dioxide and erbium are the types of laser resurfacing. The erbium is considered the safest method for the smooth and soft face. When dealing with facial scars, Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing is suitable. The healing process is usually fast.

Plastic surgery

holding handsPlastic surgery is another treatment method available to consider. This treatment method is expensive, very few people can afford. The scar tissue is usually removed surgically, or a scalpel is altered with the scar tissue in this process. For this procedure to be carried out an individual will be required to visit and consult a plastic surgeon.