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Top health uses of retinol serum

Posted on 2017-04-02  in Beauty

Retinol is the strongest most powerful version of vitamin A. It is a soluble fat and can be absorbed into the body which is often stored in the liver. It ensures strong bones and sharp vision are attained by ensuring that epithelial cells perform their functions properly. Read this write-up for the health benefits of the first-class retinol cream.

Health benefits


oil Retinol serum has very many health benefits to the skin. It is rich in so many good nutrients that are beneficial to skins of all types. It is popularly used in anti aging products due to its effectiveness. It helps get rid of the aging signs such as wrinkles, discoloration and even age spots. It has also proven to be effective in the elimination of fine lines and discolorations that appear mildly. It is therefore an essential ingredient in anti aging skin products since it increases cellular turnover, the main aging contributor. During the aging process, skin cells are replaced at a very slow rate, making it unable to repair itself from daily damage. Retinol serum also has exfoliating effects which makes the skin smooth and also removes layers of dead cells ensuring easy absorption.

Production of oil

Retinol serum is also very beneficial to oily skin since it helps in reduction of oil production in the skin. It’s most known exfoliating capabilities, ensures that the skin pores are clean thereby making it hard for skin breakouts. The reason why retinol serum products are very strong and effective is because its ingredients, extracted from vitamin A, come from retinoids which are known for the improvement of skin appearance especially aging skin. For younger users to enjoy the benefits of retinol serum, retinol is normally converted to retinoic acid in the skins of these young people.

Controlling acne

Retinol serum is also effective in controlling acne in order to get a flawless smooth skin. It makes the skin’s vitamin A to repair itself and look more youthful and it’s super exfoliating effects help in unclogging pores leading to no acne. Retinol also stimulates collagen production which helps in maintaining youthful skin. In the beginning it might be uncomfortable for people with dry skin to use skin products with retinol, but as time passes by, their skin gets used to the vitamin with no serious side effects.


oily appleRetinol serum should be applied once on a daily basis, mostly before retiring to bed since their ability to get into the skin is greater at this time. One can decide to use retinol serum oils too instead of body creams and lotions. This is because the oils are good in terms of repairing skin damages caused by environmental factors.

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