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Motorcycle Jacket

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Jacket for You

Posted on 2017-03-25  in Clothing

If you are an experienced motorcycle enthusiast or an even a beginner, your main concern will be to find the perfect motorcycle. You probably made some research and already knew that there is no perfect one. You know that it has to be adapted to your needs and preferences. Well, the same goes with the motorcycle gear and is very important to select the right one when you’re making your choices. The most important part of that gear is the jacket, and bellow we will present a few tips for choosing the right motorcycle jacket for you.

Motorcycle jacket

1) Choose quality

A premium quality jacket may be more expensive than a regular qualiwoman wearing Motorcycle Jacketty one, but consider this investment, and keep in mind that a quality motorcycle jacket could last you for years.

It goes without saying that the best jackets are the leather ones, but it’s important as well to observe how it was manufactured. You will wear that jacket on a speeding motorcycle, so quality is a must be to protect yourself from the wind and to cover the most vulnerable parts of your body.

2) Modern jackets are more than just a nice design

A lot of vintage motorcycle owners tend to search for jackets that were produced in the same year as the model they’re riding. This is a very nice thing for design, but you must consider that old jackets don’t have all the protective features as the modern ones and don’t offer the same comfort.

Luckily, there are a lot of jacket models to choose from, so you can just search for an item that has your design preferences but offers a proper protection and safety.

3) Be sure that the jacket fits you

Normally, motorcycle jackets are made in standard sizes, and it’s almost impossible to get a customized sized model without paying a fortune for it. So before you make any final decision, make sure that the jacket fits you well.

The most important thing when you try a new jacket is to simulate the position you’ll be sitting on your bike while wearing it. This way, you’ll see how it behaves on your body and if it’s comfortable enough.

4) Make yourself visible in traffic

Another importman using helmet and Motorcycle Jacketant aspect when you’re choosing the right motorcycle jacket for you is to pay attention to the colors of the jacket, and not just because of fashion. A lot of riders tend to buy black motorcycle jackets, as they look simple and can be worn in everyday life.

But a black jacket can be noticed very hard in traffic, so this is why it’s important to opt for some more bright or intense colors like orange, yellow, or even models with reflective material. This way, you will be easily seen by other drivers, and you will lower the chances of being involved in an accident.

5) Treat your jacket as you treat your bike

So you followed all the tips above, and you just bought a perfect motorcycle jacket. Good! But that’s not all of it because the most important thing is how will you take care of your jacket to make sure that it will maintain its quality. Well, a first important step, if your jacket is made of leather, is to constantly treat it with leather oil or leather balm.

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