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making tattoo

Best Tips When Looking a Good Tattoo Service

Posted on 2018-08-22  in Beauty

The tattoo is considered as one of the products in the beauty industry. A professional tattoo artist should have an experience of three to four years in the industry. The process of an individual having a tattoo on his or her body is regarded to be expensive and afflictive. One is advised to have a tattoo which he will be happy with for the rest of Her or his life since It is hard to erase It. In some cases, laser tattoo removal can be used for covering up tattoo which is badly done. The Goodkind Tattoo are one of the best service providers when it comes to tattoos. The following are the best tips a person should consider when looking for a good tattoo service;

Tattoo shop should be visited

woman with tattoo near belly button

Looking for the best tattoo shop is a vital point or factor to be considered. One should invest his or her time and make an appointment on various shops for tattoos and draw up a list of the best three in the area. During the appointment to the store, a person is required to examine the artist and the work being carried out, and many questions should be asked where there are uncertainties.

Cleanliness should be considered

The tattoo shop an individual is thinking to have a tattoo on their body should be sparkling clean. The shops which are not observing cleanliness and hygiene should be avoided at all cost. The artist’s work and how he or she is keeping safety and sanitation should also be considered when deciding on best tattoos service within a locality.

Tattoo artist

An individual should be able to watch keenly as the tattoo procedure is being carried out by the artist. The procedure should be sterilized or disposable. The ink being used should be stored or kept in disposable containers which are small and can be utilized by one client as per container. Sterile latex gloves which are disposable by the tattoo artist while applying ointments and vaseline. Different sterile needles should be considered for various tattoos being carried out.

Portfolios should be checked

finger tattoo

The skills and experience of a tattoo artist can be known by checking his or her previous works. The portfolio of the artist should be signed or watermarked. The photographs of the artist’s past work should be enlisted in the portfolio. One should visit the tattoo shop and observe how the inking is being carried out by an individual. In the process, one will able to determine the genuineness of the photographs on the portfolio of the tattoo artist.


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womans eyes

Best Tips When Looking For Lash Extension Services

Posted on 2018-07-08  in Beauty

It is no doubt that most women these days hardly have the patience or time to apply fake eyelashes every day and this has increased the popularity of lash extension services in the recent past. The LeFace Boutique – The Premier Lash Extension Salon in New York offers the best lash extension services. For those who might be apprehensive about trying out lash extension services here are some tips to help you make your decision.

Go for stylist that offer advice

eyes and eyebrow

It’s important that you take the advice of your stylist so that you don’t end up messing your lashes. Some lash stylists would not be of help, but if you find those that guide you through the process, then you should not ignore what they have to say. Most stylists will consider the length and thickness of the natural lashes before they decide whether an extension service is the preferred option. Experienced stylists would hardly work on clients that have short or thin lashes and are looking to restore their natural lashes.

Do your homework

Although lashes are fast becoming a booming salon business across different states, it’s important to do proper research on the various lash stylists before settling on one that suits your needs. You should note that improper lash extensions can cause severe damage to your natural lashes and it’s advisable to read through different lash stylist reviews before making an appointment at any salon. What’s more, a lot of women are careful when selecting their hairstylist, and the same case should apply when it comes to a lash stylist.

Settle for those that offer different types of lash extensions

If you are looking to get quality service, it’s important that you consider a salon that offers different extensions. This is important since you will have not only have a wider selection option but you can settle on lash extensions that suit you. Additionally, your lashes should be applied one at a time using semi-permanent glue since it doesn’t damage the natural lashes or your eyes. Additionally, some people are allergic to the lash glue, and it’s important for the stylist to keep this in mind when applying for the lash extension.

Reasonable application timelines

brown eye

Lash extension services is a booming business, and some people get in for the money. If you are looking for an excellent service, then it should be done in a reasonable timeframe. For instance, a full set lash takes about two hours and should be maintained throughout the year with touch ups done every three to four weeks. If you are looking for a more economical lash that achieves the same effect, then it can be applied outwards from the eye or as a filler to thicken the natural lashes, and this gives you a more specialized look.



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female model with big earrings

Factors To Consider When Buying Jewelries

Posted on 2018-04-10  in Beauty

When you want to purchase your jewelries, you need to know that there are some of the features you are supposed to put into consideration. However, before you purchase your jewelry, determine the exact type of jewelry you want. There are many types of pieces of jewelry that are available in the market. Therefore, before you make your own decision, make sure that you know the best features and know the benefits they have compared to other pieces of jewelry.

There are the best types of jewelry that have many different reasons. The estate jewelry is one of the most common types of jewelry that is widely used. Therefore, before you make any purchase, just ensure that you know why you are buying it. This means that you will identify your need first before you buy your jewelry. The following therefore are some factors to consider when buying jewelry.

Consider your taste preferences

ringWhen you are buying your best jewelry, it is essential that you consider your taste preferences. You need to consider purchasing the best jewelry that will meet your needs. Therefore, do not buy jewelry that you do not love. Therefore, consider purchasing jewelry that you love and always ensure that it is nice. Purchase the best beautiful jewelry that will make you comfortable based on your likes and preferences.

Buy from a reputable jeweler

Before you buy your best jewelry, you need to consider this factor. This is because you need to buy a quality jewelry that will last for long. Therefore, to purchase the best jewelry, ensure that you buy it from a reputable jeweler. Most of the pieces of jewelry are sold at a high price. Therefore, for you to avoid getting scammed, research the best jewelry from these stores that have great reviews for you to purchase the best jewelry.

Undertake thorough research

Before making any purchase, you are recommended to undertake a thorough research. This will help you to know the best types of jewelry that will meet your likes. You need to know some features that you are required to consider to choose the best jewelry. Before you visit any store, you need to read some reviews concerning the best jewelry you are interested in. During your research also, you are recommended to know the price range of these pieces of jewelry.

The cost

This is another essential factor you are recommended to consider when buying your jewelry. Make sure that you know the exact price of the jewelry you want to buy. You need to buy the best quality jewelry at an affordable price. Even though most of the pieces of jewelry are expensive, ensure that you know the exact price you will spend on your jewelry.

Condition of the accessory

lips and ring illustration When you want to buy your jewelry, you are advised to consider this aspect. You need to spend most of your time and choose the best and quality jewelry. You need to consider the year of the manufacturer before you purchase your jewelry.

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red largedress

Tips for Choosing a Two Piece Dress for a Plus Sized Woman

Posted on 2017-12-15  in Beauty

One area that some women fail when it comes to trends is the part of dressing according to their bodies. Women have different body types and sizes which include an hourglass, pear or full bodies. Some are slender, slim or plus sized. The first thing you, need to consider before buying your clothes is if it can fit and complement your body type. There are a variety of trends and one of the latest styles that we have seen a lot of women embracing are the two-piece dress. Two-piece dress style is a versatile trend that can be worn for any occasion as long you select the right fitting and style as well. Also, this style can be worn by all sizes including plus-sized women.

So what tips can a plus size woman follow when selecting the right two-pieces dress?

The waist

woman with blue dressThe waist part is the focal point when selecting any dress. This is because the area defines your entire body hence the need to accentuate it. So when choosing the skirt part, make sure that the waistband lies at the waist area to define it. Also, the size of the waistband matters a lot as you need a band that will show off your waistline. For plus-sized women, avoid slim waistband skirts and opt for medium or large waistband skirts.

Your body type

Just like slim women, plus size ladies have different body types as well. And one way to ensure you look sexy no matter your size is by dressing according to your body type. Remember you need to look hot and still avoid looking too full. If you are an hourglass-shaped, make sure you choose a dress that flatters your curves and the same goes for other body types. Some of the dresses that can work for an hourglass sized lady are body cone skits or a mermaid skirt as it defines the curves the right way. If you have a pear shape, consider wearing a peplum dress since it balances your lower body perfectly. Also, a long flared skirt dress would be an excellent choice for such a body.

The colors

A plus-sized woman can rock different colored two sized dress just like a slim lady. When it comes to selecting the two different colors, make sure they blend well and are not too loud as well. Some of the colors that you may consider are a red skirt with a white lace top.

The event

The event you are attending determines the kind of dress to buy. If it is a formal event, you would want a dress that is decent but at the same time makes your curvaceous body look sexy. If it is a formal dress, make sure the skirt and the top area don’t show off too much skin. But if you are going for some drinks with your girlfriends or even a dinner date, you can show off a little bit of your skin.

front and back look of woman


All women are beautiful regardless of their body type or sizes. All you need to know is how to dress your body and how to choose the right combinations of colors and sizes. So if you are a plus-sized woman, follow the above buying guide to help you select the proper two-piece dress.

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man using watch

Things make men physically attractive

Posted on 2017-09-15  in Beauty

Just like women, men are also concern about their physical image. Attractive physical appearance enhances personality, and it helps build a relationship. Well, personality traits like kindness, humor, and having substance are part of the total attractiveness of men. But, considering the physical attractiveness, it boosts confidence and self-worth, and it impresses people. So, what makes men physically attractive?



Men with healthy and well-toned muscles are more attractive for most women. It is the same way men attracted to women having massive boobs. That is why most of the men spend more time working in the gym to attain the primary asset of the body. It also means for girls that the man has discipline and stamina to the physical activity.

man with good abs



Some women like a man having long hair, others prefer short hair and for few, don’t care anyway. But for most men, they are conscious of how they look with their hair. More likely, man spend more time, effort and money just to have a healthy and lovely hair either in a salon or a barbershop. Men todays are also particular of the hair services offered in many salons. But same services also offered in many barbershops like the barbershop in Franklin that offers different hairstyle cut. In availing types of hair services, better call ahead to arrange an appointment with the hair stylist to save time.

Thick stubble and strong jawline


Most women love it. Thats the fact. Most girls find men attractive with the hair on a face as revealed to most studies. It gives an impression of bearing only the essential hygiene but still looks good, and men with this attributes gives an appeal that he knows what he wants in life. Jawline adds appeal to the facial impression of men. It has something to do with the degree of testosterone a man could have, so it leaves an impression that the more a man has a strong jawline, the more masculine and attractive the man is.

man with strong jawline

Limbal ring and smile


The limbal ring is the particular part of the eye that makes a man more attractive. It is in the eyes that most feelings and thoughts are expressed, thus, staring straight into the eyes of man leads to the heart of most women. Along with this, a smile of a man adds intense  attraction to women.

Height and body symmetry


According to studies, taller men can quickly catch the attention of women than the shorter ones. Most women that like men with longer legs feel more the masculinity and security from them. This criterion goes along the body symmetry of a person having strong health and adaptability.

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pouring oil to bowl

Top health uses of retinol serum

Posted on 2017-04-02  in Beauty

Retinol is the strongest most powerful version of vitamin A. It is a soluble fat and can be absorbed into the body which is often stored in the liver. It ensures strong bones and sharp vision are attained by ensuring that epithelial cells perform their functions properly. Read this write-up for the health benefits of the first-class retinol cream.

Health benefits


oil Retinol serum has very many health benefits to the skin. It is rich in so many good nutrients that are beneficial to skins of all types. It is popularly used in anti aging products due to its effectiveness. It helps get rid of the aging signs such as wrinkles, discoloration and even age spots. It has also proven to be effective in the elimination of fine lines and discolorations that appear mildly. It is therefore an essential ingredient in anti aging skin products since it increases cellular turnover, the main aging contributor. During the aging process, skin cells are replaced at a very slow rate, making it unable to repair itself from daily damage. Retinol serum also has exfoliating effects which makes the skin smooth and also removes layers of dead cells ensuring easy absorption.

Production of oil

Retinol serum is also very beneficial to oily skin since it helps in reduction of oil production in the skin. It’s most known exfoliating capabilities, ensures that the skin pores are clean thereby making it hard for skin breakouts. The reason why retinol serum products are very strong and effective is because its ingredients, extracted from vitamin A, come from retinoids which are known for the improvement of skin appearance especially aging skin. For younger users to enjoy the benefits of retinol serum, retinol is normally converted to retinoic acid in the skins of these young people.

Controlling acne

Retinol serum is also effective in controlling acne in order to get a flawless smooth skin. It makes the skin’s vitamin A to repair itself and look more youthful and it’s super exfoliating effects help in unclogging pores leading to no acne. Retinol also stimulates collagen production which helps in maintaining youthful skin. In the beginning it might be uncomfortable for people with dry skin to use skin products with retinol, but as time passes by, their skin gets used to the vitamin with no serious side effects.


oily appleRetinol serum should be applied once on a daily basis, mostly before retiring to bed since their ability to get into the skin is greater at this time. One can decide to use retinol serum oils too instead of body creams and lotions. This is because the oils are good in terms of repairing skin damages caused by environmental factors.

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