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Author: Penny Mendoza

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Choosing the Best Intimate Lightening Cream

Posted on 2018-08-23  in Skin Bleaching

Most women usually undergo hyperpigmentation that in most cases is as a result of factors such as cosmetic damage caused by chafing, childbearing and friction. For this reason, women wish to make the darkened places average like the rest of the skin thus opt for lightening their intimate areas. You need to use a preferable intimate bleaching cream for these parts to whiten. Bleaching intimate parts should not be expensive just like any beauty process. Since there many creams in the market, choosing the best may be challenging. The following factors will help you when selecting an intimate bleach cream.

Natural ingredients

cream in tube

It is wise to look at the components of the creams when buying intimate lightening creams. Avoid creams which contain hydroquinone, mercury, and other unnatural compounds. This is crucial as the private areas are sensitive and these compounds may cause irritation or even damage the area of application. Go for creams which have organic ingredients such as mulberry and bearberry that are gentle on the skin and preferable for use on the intimate areas.


When buying intimate lightening creams, it is essential to check the reputation of the manufacturing company. This is possible by searching on the internet and see how the manufacturing company is rated. Companies with positive reviews are the ones you need to consider buying bleaching products. You also need to look at the shipping policies of a company before ordering a lightening cream.


It is advisable to check the cost of the intimate bleaching products. Although this may not be a determinant of the product to buy, it is useful in scenarios where you encounter products with similar qualities, and you have to choose one. Sometimes some lightening creams are overrated and expensive than they deserve. For instance, some creams may be costly but do not give the desired results while some intimate lightening creams are cheap but can work well on your intimate skin.

Moisturizing effect

mosturising creamEveryone feels good when their skin is moisturized. When selecting intimate bleaching creams, it is advisable to choose those that contain moisturizers. Moisturizing your skin is vital as the skin around your private areas may be dry. Applying a lightening cream to your intimate areas helps it to remain soft and supple for long.

It is necessary to have your intimate area bleached to make your skin as light as the other body part. If you decide to use intimate lightening cream, then put these factors into consideration to get the best bleaching agent for your intimate area.

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Author: Penny Mendoza

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4 Things To Look At When Shopping For Anal Bleaching Creams

Posted on 2018-07-08  in Skin Care

Unsightly and dark spots in your anal area can have tremendous effects on your self-esteem. You can never have peace with yourself whenever you remember you noticed some dark spots in your anal surface. The good news is, you can invest in the best asshole bleach to erase such spots and marks. If you think it is time to get rid of those dark spots on your anal surface, here are four things to look at when shopping for anal bleaching creams.

Nature of ingredientsbutterfly cartoon

The main aspect to look for in an excellent bleaching cream is nature of the ingredients it is made of. Anal creams created of organically-sourced ingredients such as niacinamide and alpha arbutin are the perfect choice for you. This is because they will completely bleach the dark spots in your anal surface without irritating your skin or cause inflammation. They do not include free radicals or toxins that can make you suffer high anal sensation.

Brand reputation

Consider the reputation of the company and the anal bleaching cream. Anal bleaching cream companies that have happy clients are the best ones to buy your anal bleaching cream from. Look for brands of anal bleaching creams that have many positive client reviews and good quality ratings.

Effectiveness and reliability

Your choice of anal bleaching cream should be effective and dynamic. It should be an anal whitening cream that has been tested and proven to be effective and reliable. Look for user reviews and product ratings to know what anal bleaching creams guarantee best results. Perusing through user reviews and product ratings will give you an overview of the experience past customers had with certain anal bleaching creams. This will make it easier for you to make a more informed purchase decision.

Safety of the cream

applying cream The last inevitable consideration when choosing an anal bleaching cream is safety. When determining the effectiveness and reliability of anal bleaching creams, security is one of the key things people consider. Anal whitening creams that expose users to lots of painful sensation and burning are usually rated very low and are not always the right options to go for when shopping.

If you choose to order your cream online, it is recommended you speak with past clients to know their views on the safety rating of the creams you want to buy. On the other hand, if you decide to buy from offline stores, you should try to test the cream yourself to know how it feels to whiten anal spots with such creams.

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Author: Penny Mendoza

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Factors To Consider When Buying Jewelries

Posted on 2018-04-10  in Beauty

When you want to purchase your jewelries, you need to know that there are some of the features you are supposed to put into consideration. However, before you purchase your jewelry, determine the exact type of jewelry you want. There are many types of pieces of jewelry that are available in the market. Therefore, before you make your own decision, make sure that you know the best features and know the benefits they have compared to other pieces of jewelry.

There are the best types of jewelry that have many different reasons. The estate jewelry is one of the most common types of jewelry that is widely used. Therefore, before you make any purchase, just ensure that you know why you are buying it. This means that you will identify your need first before you buy your jewelry. The following therefore are some factors to consider when buying jewelry.

Consider your taste preferences

ringWhen you are buying your best jewelry, it is essential that you consider your taste preferences. You need to consider purchasing the best jewelry that will meet your needs. Therefore, do not buy jewelry that you do not love. Therefore, consider purchasing jewelry that you love and always ensure that it is nice. Purchase the best beautiful jewelry that will make you comfortable based on your likes and preferences.

Buy from a reputable jeweler

Before you buy your best jewelry, you need to consider this factor. This is because you need to buy a quality jewelry that will last for long. Therefore, to purchase the best jewelry, ensure that you buy it from a reputable jeweler. Most of the pieces of jewelry are sold at a high price. Therefore, for you to avoid getting scammed, research the best jewelry from these stores that have great reviews for you to purchase the best jewelry.

Undertake thorough research

Before making any purchase, you are recommended to undertake a thorough research. This will help you to know the best types of jewelry that will meet your likes. You need to know some features that you are required to consider to choose the best jewelry. Before you visit any store, you need to read some reviews concerning the best jewelry you are interested in. During your research also, you are recommended to know the price range of these pieces of jewelry.

The cost

This is another essential factor you are recommended to consider when buying your jewelry. Make sure that you know the exact price of the jewelry you want to buy. You need to buy the best quality jewelry at an affordable price. Even though most of the pieces of jewelry are expensive, ensure that you know the exact price you will spend on your jewelry.

Condition of the accessory

lips and ring illustration When you want to buy your jewelry, you are advised to consider this aspect. You need to spend most of your time and choose the best and quality jewelry. You need to consider the year of the manufacturer before you purchase your jewelry.

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Author: Penny Mendoza

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Reasons why women prefer curly human hair extensions

Posted on 2018-04-10  in Hair

Hair is a form of reflection of our identity. Women feel that a bad hair is always a bad day. A bad hair severely affects the self- esteem of a woman. This deep personal relation between hair and self-esteem is evident throughout the history. Having hair is a symbol of femininity. One can differentiate between a woman and a man through the help of hair. It’s a form of showing identity between the two genders. Hair also portrays freedom and beauty. Lady Godiva’s naked ride with a horse with her body covered with her long hair is a symbol of freedom and beauty. It is a multi-billion industry because an average woman spends most of her time and money on washing and styling up to look appealing. A good hair will always represent our thoughts, beliefs, and personality.

Women prefer changing different hairstyles which contributes significantly on the woman’s self- esteem, motives,curly hair and actions.  Today with the help of technology, researchers have been able to come up with new and more modified hairstyles. Curly clip in human hair extensions is one way of making a woman’s hair attractive and beautiful. Curly clip hair extensions are available in beauty shops, online shops and also the nearest salon. They are several reasons why women prefer curly human hair extensions.

Less hair on the scalp

Less hair on the woman’s scalp due to a number factors can be a reason of having a hair extension. They prefer a suitable hair that matches the texture and color of their hair. The best hair extension is one that adds an instant volume and length to your existing hair. Having the hairstyle of your choice makes it easier to apply your favorite hairstyle. Women will always want to try out something new and more suitable for them.


Women become sick and tired of repeating the same hairstyle, always wanting something suitable and new. With hair extension, it instantly makes any hairstyle more exciting and beautiful due to additional volume, length, and even a proper hair color. One can also style up her hair according to the occasion. Extension of your hair is a great way of spicing your look for a graduation, wedding or basically any special occasion.

No damage

woman with curly hairHaving a human hair extension is one of the best things in that, it causes absolutely no damage to your hair. It allows bonding of hair growth. Looking for the right type of hairstyle, safe for your hair makes you attractive and more beautiful.



Author: Penny Mendoza

red largedress

Tips for Choosing a Two Piece Dress for a Plus Sized Woman

Posted on 2017-12-15  in Beauty

One area that some women fail when it comes to trends is the part of dressing according to their bodies. Women have different body types and sizes which include an hourglass, pear or full bodies. Some are slender, slim or plus sized. The first thing you, need to consider before buying your clothes is if it can fit and complement your body type. There are a variety of trends and one of the latest styles that we have seen a lot of women embracing are the two-piece dress. Two-piece dress style is a versatile trend that can be worn for any occasion as long you select the right fitting and style as well. Also, this style can be worn by all sizes including plus-sized women.

So what tips can a plus size woman follow when selecting the right two-pieces dress?

The waist

woman with blue dressThe waist part is the focal point when selecting any dress. This is because the area defines your entire body hence the need to accentuate it. So when choosing the skirt part, make sure that the waistband lies at the waist area to define it. Also, the size of the waistband matters a lot as you need a band that will show off your waistline. For plus-sized women, avoid slim waistband skirts and opt for medium or large waistband skirts.

Your body type

Just like slim women, plus size ladies have different body types as well. And one way to ensure you look sexy no matter your size is by dressing according to your body type. Remember you need to look hot and still avoid looking too full. If you are an hourglass-shaped, make sure you choose a dress that flatters your curves and the same goes for other body types. Some of the dresses that can work for an hourglass sized lady are body cone skits or a mermaid skirt as it defines the curves the right way. If you have a pear shape, consider wearing a peplum dress since it balances your lower body perfectly. Also, a long flared skirt dress would be an excellent choice for such a body.

The colors

A plus-sized woman can rock different colored two sized dress just like a slim lady. When it comes to selecting the two different colors, make sure they blend well and are not too loud as well. Some of the colors that you may consider are a red skirt with a white lace top.

The event

The event you are attending determines the kind of dress to buy. If it is a formal event, you would want a dress that is decent but at the same time makes your curvaceous body look sexy. If it is a formal dress, make sure the skirt and the top area don’t show off too much skin. But if you are going for some drinks with your girlfriends or even a dinner date, you can show off a little bit of your skin.

front and back look of woman


All women are beautiful regardless of their body type or sizes. All you need to know is how to dress your body and how to choose the right combinations of colors and sizes. So if you are a plus-sized woman, follow the above buying guide to help you select the proper two-piece dress.

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Author: Penny Mendoza

Tips for Choosing a Two-Piece Dress for a Plus Sized Woman

Posted on 2017-12-14  in Uncategorized


Author: Penny Mendoza

man using watch

Things make men physically attractive

Posted on 2017-09-15  in Beauty

Just like women, men are also concern about their physical image. Attractive physical appearance enhances personality, and it helps build a relationship. Well, personality traits like kindness, humor, and having substance are part of the total attractiveness of men. But, considering the physical attractiveness, it boosts confidence and self-worth, and it impresses people. So, what makes men physically attractive?



Men with healthy and well-toned muscles are more attractive for most women. It is the same way men attracted to women having massive boobs. That is why most of the men spend more time working in the gym to attain the primary asset of the body. It also means for girls that the man has discipline and stamina to the physical activity.

man with good abs



Some women like a man having long hair, others prefer short hair and for few, don’t care anyway. But for most men, they are conscious of how they look with their hair. More likely, man spend more time, effort and money just to have a healthy and lovely hair either in a salon or a barbershop. Men todays are also particular of the hair services offered in many salons. But same services also offered in many barbershops like the barbershop in Franklin that offers different hairstyle cut. In availing types of hair services, better call ahead to arrange an appointment with the hair stylist to save time.

Thick stubble and strong jawline


Most women love it. Thats the fact. Most girls find men attractive with the hair on a face as revealed to most studies. It gives an impression of bearing only the essential hygiene but still looks good, and men with this attributes gives an appeal that he knows what he wants in life. Jawline adds appeal to the facial impression of men. It has something to do with the degree of testosterone a man could have, so it leaves an impression that the more a man has a strong jawline, the more masculine and attractive the man is.

man with strong jawline

Limbal ring and smile


The limbal ring is the particular part of the eye that makes a man more attractive. It is in the eyes that most feelings and thoughts are expressed, thus, staring straight into the eyes of man leads to the heart of most women. Along with this, a smile of a man adds intense  attraction to women.

Height and body symmetry


According to studies, taller men can quickly catch the attention of women than the shorter ones. Most women that like men with longer legs feel more the masculinity and security from them. This criterion goes along the body symmetry of a person having strong health and adaptability.

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Author: Penny Mendoza

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Feel and look more elegant with the best wedding ring

Posted on 2017-03-25  in Jewelry

Every man wants to buy the classic wedding ring for his bride to make her feel and look more elegant. Before starting his life with his companion he wants to give her an impression which is for him a significant issue. The best wedding ring or an engagement ring he needs to give her. No matter how much it costs and how tiresome the whole process to buy the best quality ring but he will do it ardently without any tiredness and lack of interest because it is the beginning of the marriage.

Forget the after story. The following are good ways to ensure you make her feel and look more elegant with the best wedding ring;

Purchasing and presenting a wedding ring that ensures the best quality

So purchasing and presenting a wedding ring that ensures the best quality is important and needs attention on some certain matters. And very importantly this whole thing requires the minute attention and caring for every single part of the ring and those are the wedding ring’s quality, the quality of the metal that is utilized in it such as gold, platinum or any other metal, size and shape and many other things.

wedding ring

Buy wedding rings from the first-hand exposure

Look at them first and match with other wedding rings. The beauty of a wedding ring can’t be adequately captured in words. So, it’s stupid to decide on a wedding ring only by learning about it. While purchasing a jewelry item from a jewelry shop, you must be feeling comfortable and relax. All these things will make your purchasing and be shopping a quite pleasurable and singular experience.

Wearing comfortability of the wedding ring

With the comfortability of the shopping, you have to ensure the wearing comfortability of the wedding ring. You can either buy a wedding ring separately or buy a wedding ring wedding ring compositely. In both the case, you have to look at the comfort factor very carefully as it will be the most important thing. If you buy a wedding ring wedding ring, then it would be better to have a ring in the size of your beloved.

couple wearing wedding ringThe wedding ring is the most decent thing in jewelry, and you are investing your hard earned money in that. So you have to be more cautious and careful while buying a wedding ring. You can use the modern technology for examining the quality and purity of a wedding ring. Understand exactly what you are buying. When at the shop, look at the selected stones with a microscope, not with a loupe. The defects of wedding rings will emerge more clearly through a microscope. For all these, you have to acquire some knowledge about this. You can read on this subject matter on the net or in any jewelry magazine. You can have real experience from a customer.


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Author: Penny Mendoza

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Men And Women Outfit Ideas For The Whole Month

Posted on 2016-08-14  in Outfit Ideas

There are a lot of outfit ideas to wear all month long, but you need to put into consideration a lot of factors. These factors are such as what season it is because you don’t want to be stuck out there with a sleeveless top and it’s cold. You need to take in the factor of what you are wearing the said outfit. You want to dress for office if it is on a weekday and you are headed for an important meeting. You also need to consider the number of times that you do find time or money to shop. If you don’t shop a lot, then this is the time to be creative and try things that you normally wouldn’t. Experiment a lot and if you can still afford shopping now and then, then make sure that you experiment too. Below are some of the outfit ideas that you might be looking for.

Work related outfits

office look for woman
If you are going to work the whole month, then you might want to consider going official all of the time. This might depend on your work, but it is highly advisable to do this. If you are a lady, then some casual trousers or a skirt and an official coat and some heels should do the trick. You can alternate this from Monday to Friday. If you are a man, you should go with a suit and you should try a few colors. Don’t just do black, try gray, blue and even some striped ones. As for the shoes, you can try some color too but don’ be too extreme. You should also have a watch on your wrist at all times.

Weekend outfit ideas to wear all month long

woman wearing flanel When it comes to letting loose during the weekend, and you are thinking about going out, or having a picnic or even going to the beach, there is a lot that you can wear all month. For a lady, you can wear some sun dress and a hat and some cute sandals if you are headed to the beach or for a picnic in the park. You can alternate this during the weekends with floral dresses that accentuate your body. For a man, you can go for some shorts and some slacks as well. You can put on your favorite beach shirt if you are headed to the beach. If you are going out to a club, you might want to opt for a shirt and some jeans and these are just some of the many outfit ideas to wear all month long.

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Author: Penny Mendoza

nail art

Some Handy Nail Polish Tricks You Should Know

Posted on 2016-06-23  in Makeup Ideas

Polish brings a hint of color to your otherwise dull, bare nails. However, when it comes to painting your nails, you need to know all the tips and tricks that are required for a successful painting experience.

Nail polish tricks you should know

applying nail colorBefore you begin to beautify your hands, there are some nail polish tricks you should know in order to make the painting experience a whole lot easier. Firstly, it is important to line your nails with petroleum jelly. This creates a barrier between your skin and the polish, thus, allowing you to clean up any mess you make during the painting process. Secondly, you can coat them with white polish first and apply the desired shade on top of it. This trick ensures that the natural tint of your nails does not alter the shade of the polish. Once the painting is done, you can soak your fingers in ice water which helps set the paint and boosts the drying process.

Tips for perfect polishing

Before opening the bottle of paint, it is advised to roll the bottle between your palms to avoid air bubbles. If you are having trouble opening the lid, you can dip it in hot water to loosen it. Crafting the art designs on a plastic sandwich bag first is a handy tip for painters. You can peel them off and use glue or a clear topcoat to adhere them to your nails. Girls who want to paint a half-moon mani can place paper hole reinforcement stickers at the base of the nail and paint along the sticker using their desired paint. If you want your color to last longer, you can apply a rubberized base coat to help the paint adhere to the nails for a long time. Placing tiny accessories like rhinestones on your art can be a daunting task. You can use pencil eyeliner to grip the jewel and place it in the precise spot.

Polish removal tricks

doing nail art Many women face difficulties when it comes to removing the polish. You can soak a cotton pad in the polish remover, place it on your finger, and wrap a foil around it to hold it in place. After a few minutes, the paint will come off your finger, and you can remove the cotton pad. Girls who opt for glitter polish are recommended to paint their nails with glue before going for the glitter. This way, when the time comes to remove the color, you can peel off the glue which takes the glitter away with itself. These are some of the nail polish tricks you should know in order to create the perfect art on your fingers.

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