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Author: Joan Ryckman

making tattoo

Best Tips When Looking a Good Tattoo Service

Posted on 2018-08-22  in Beauty

The tattoo is considered as one of the products in the beauty industry. A professional tattoo artist should have an experience of three to four years in the industry. The process of an individual having a tattoo on his or her body is regarded to be expensive and afflictive. One is advised to have a tattoo which he will be happy with for the rest of Her or his life since It is hard to erase It. In some cases, laser tattoo removal can be used for covering up tattoo which is badly done. The Goodkind Tattoo are one of the best service providers when it comes to tattoos. The following are the best tips a person should consider when looking for a good tattoo service;

Tattoo shop should be visited

woman with tattoo near belly button

Looking for the best tattoo shop is a vital point or factor to be considered. One should invest his or her time and make an appointment on various shops for tattoos and draw up a list of the best three in the area. During the appointment to the store, a person is required to examine the artist and the work being carried out, and many questions should be asked where there are uncertainties.

Cleanliness should be considered

The tattoo shop an individual is thinking to have a tattoo on their body should be sparkling clean. The shops which are not observing cleanliness and hygiene should be avoided at all cost. The artist’s work and how he or she is keeping safety and sanitation should also be considered when deciding on best tattoos service within a locality.

Tattoo artist

An individual should be able to watch keenly as the tattoo procedure is being carried out by the artist. The procedure should be sterilized or disposable. The ink being used should be stored or kept in disposable containers which are small and can be utilized by one client as per container. Sterile latex gloves which are disposable by the tattoo artist while applying ointments and vaseline. Different sterile needles should be considered for various tattoos being carried out.

Portfolios should be checked

finger tattoo

The skills and experience of a tattoo artist can be known by checking his or her previous works. The portfolio of the artist should be signed or watermarked. The photographs of the artist’s past work should be enlisted in the portfolio. One should visit the tattoo shop and observe how the inking is being carried out by an individual. In the process, one will able to determine the genuineness of the photographs on the portfolio of the tattoo artist.


Author: Joan Ryckman

womans eyes

Best Tips When Looking For Lash Extension Services

Posted on 2018-07-08  in Beauty

It is no doubt that most women these days hardly have the patience or time to apply fake eyelashes every day and this has increased the popularity of lash extension services in the recent past. The LeFace Boutique – The Premier Lash Extension Salon in New York offers the best lash extension services. For those who might be apprehensive about trying out lash extension services here are some tips to help you make your decision.

Go for stylist that offer advice

eyes and eyebrow

It’s important that you take the advice of your stylist so that you don’t end up messing your lashes. Some lash stylists would not be of help, but if you find those that guide you through the process, then you should not ignore what they have to say. Most stylists will consider the length and thickness of the natural lashes before they decide whether an extension service is the preferred option. Experienced stylists would hardly work on clients that have short or thin lashes and are looking to restore their natural lashes.

Do your homework

Although lashes are fast becoming a booming salon business across different states, it’s important to do proper research on the various lash stylists before settling on one that suits your needs. You should note that improper lash extensions can cause severe damage to your natural lashes and it’s advisable to read through different lash stylist reviews before making an appointment at any salon. What’s more, a lot of women are careful when selecting their hairstylist, and the same case should apply when it comes to a lash stylist.

Settle for those that offer different types of lash extensions

If you are looking to get quality service, it’s important that you consider a salon that offers different extensions. This is important since you will have not only have a wider selection option but you can settle on lash extensions that suit you. Additionally, your lashes should be applied one at a time using semi-permanent glue since it doesn’t damage the natural lashes or your eyes. Additionally, some people are allergic to the lash glue, and it’s important for the stylist to keep this in mind when applying for the lash extension.

Reasonable application timelines

brown eye

Lash extension services is a booming business, and some people get in for the money. If you are looking for an excellent service, then it should be done in a reasonable timeframe. For instance, a full set lash takes about two hours and should be maintained throughout the year with touch ups done every three to four weeks. If you are looking for a more economical lash that achieves the same effect, then it can be applied outwards from the eye or as a filler to thicken the natural lashes, and this gives you a more specialized look.



Author: Joan Ryckman

woman's hat

Get In Touch With Your Inner Hat

Posted on 2018-07-08  in Outfit Ideas

Freedom is a priceless feeling especially when you tap into it in its entirety. Not everyone understands it to the core better than those who express it through their mode of dressing. There are many ways to show how free you feel and your dress code is just one of them. They say that your shoes say a lot about you. No one has given the hats much thought since their inception. They have been on the forefront of total liberalization simply by how they are designed.

pink hat
Have them branded

The hat has a new twist to it especially when it is branded. Some can choose to see it from a fashion and elegance point of view. On the other hand, others would rather see it from a convenience point of view. Branded hats seem to convey the message much faster than we could ever imagine. Not to mention that they look cute while they are at it. However, it all depends on how well the branding is done. The experts love to give it a touch of class and do so with every order handed to them.

Leave it to the experts

Designing and branding of hats are not just for anyone that has found nothing better to do. It is something that requires years of expertise and skilled mastering. It takes a whole lot more to put everything together, and the whole task shouldn’t be entrusted to just about anyone. The experts know every trick in the book, and they know when to play by the rules. Their worthwhile creativity is what makes it even more interesting to count on their products. Besides, they have been in the business longer, and the least we could do is expect the very best from them.

Have it your way

There is nothing more fun and thrilling than the knowledge of being the one with the say. In this case, hats do have a new look that only you can decide. How would you like to have a hat of your choice branded according to your unique instructions? This is possible considering there are plenty of ideas you can choose to bring to life. Hats are meant to bring life to your wardrobe as well as your general style. Which is why you should style up and add some excitement to the usual dull and drab designs.

The unique source of ideas

When you feel spoiled for choices, there are plenty of ways to acquire all the right features for your hat. The internet seems to have just about everything you may be looking for. Your job is to search meticulously for all the renowned hat artists and the smart deals they have on offer.

Embrace your style

No matter what you settle for, be sure to embrace it so tight. You can never know who is watching from the sidelines. Better still, you might be the next trendsetter that everyone looks up to.



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Author: Joan Ryckman

woman with black bag

5 Considerations When Buying a Handbag

Posted on 2018-06-20  in Uncategorized

A woman’s sense of fashion is never complete without a handbag that projects her taste and preference. It’s an essential fashion accessory that has developed into a standard item for women across the world. If you are planning to buy one, you need to have these five considerations when purchasing handbags.


Carrying around a cheap handbag that is made of synthetic materials do not portray you as a woman of substance, taste or class. You can, however, invest in handbags made of these materials if you need a bag for rough field assignments such as archaeological explorations and other forms of field research. The choice of material changes when looking for a fashionable handbag. Remember that the classier the material, the higher the price tag. However, it is always possible to get a handbag that befits your station in life at an affordable price.


woman carrying bagConsider the handbag’s intended use and note whether you need it for occasional purposes or if it has to be your handbag for everyday use. Note the number of times that you are likely to carry the bag as this informs the versatility aspects of the handbag that suits your lifestyle. A handbag that takes care of most of your needs should be able to carry your makeup kit, phone, money, and a small sized laptop or tablet. Articulate handbag designs enable you to adjust the volume using a zipper, straps or buttons – making it versatile enough for you to customize the bag to fit just about any occasion.

Brand Logo

The 21st-century fashion accessories industry thrives on big brand names and established designer logos. You should consequently consider buying a bag that resonates with the modern times. Some designers are gifted at bringing back old fashion handbag design to life while others use recycled materials to make excellent churn out dream handbags. When choosing the brand logo, go for one that stands for something that you relate to. This could be environmental conservation, class or a specific age group.

Stitch Aspects

The kind of stitches used to assemble a handbag determines its durability. Avoid handbags with seams and stitches that are likely to run. This subjects you to regular tailor-repair jobs that you can avoid in the first place. Stitching can also be manipulated to achieve a specific outlook.

Handles & Straps

Handbag straps and handles are more than just that. They add style and appeal besides granting you an array of postures. If you like walking with your handbag hanging from the shoulder, then a long-strapped handbag is set to do the trick. On the other hand, you need a handbag with handles if you are into official office-like looks. The handles and the straps can be made from various materials. Focus on their strength considering the weight that the bag is likely to carry whenever you are using it.

black bag

Some of these considerations may not be met if the bag you are obtaining is not from a handbag vendor that you can trust. Note that handbags are among the products with the highest number of counterfeits in the world today – making it significant to go for a handbag from a legitimate vendor especially if you wish to make an online purchase.


Author: Joan Ryckman

nude woman on bed

The best remedies for vaginal tightening – Go natural

Posted on 2017-08-23  in Health

The topic of vaginal tightening is still a somewhat hotly debated one and a highly unusual to a lot of people. However, the fact is that increasing numbers of women have begun searching for the best and most effective methods of bringing back the youth to their sensitive areas. Even though there is a large number of surgical procedures, some of which are highly invasive, some of which less, it is the topical and natural solutions that have caught the attention of many women. This is mainly because the majority of surgical procedures carry certain risks with them and can also cause pain and require long recovery times.

What are the main reasons behind vaginal tightening?

nude woman with long hair There are a good number of reasons, as to why would a woman want to rejuvenate her vagina. Some of the most notable are the following:

  • Some women experience loose vagina due to their age. Because of that, they want to, in a way, “turn back the clock” and bring some of the youth back into their figures.
  • A large number of women, who have a loose vagina, have serious issues when it comes to their sexual life. With vaginal tightening, they want to bring back the pleasures into their sex life, as well as satisfy their partners.
  • Due to vaginal issues, some women can develop various health issues, which can lead to excruciating pain when engaging in sexual intercourses. To effectively deal with these issues, many women have turned to natural methods of vaginal tightening.

Whatever the reasons might be, it is important to notice that natural remedies, which you can learn more about the same are, basically, as effective as surgical procedures, but carry no risks, and cause no pain or any visible scarring.

Creams and gels

Even though there are a plethora of artificial products on the market these days, that maximum claim effectiveness, natural tightening creams, and gels are still the best way to go. The majority of these creams and gels are 100% natural and contain only the ingredients that are proven effective in combating the condition of a loose vagina and bringing back the pleasures and joys of sex life. Most of these natural products contain the following ingredients

Vitamin E and Natural aloe

These ingredients have been used for centuries and have proven highly effective in maintaining natural vaginal elasticity and lubrication.

Quercus Infectoria

This is an extract of the Oak Gall. Its main purpose is to stabilize and, subsequently, increase the blood flow to the vaginal muscle area. Women have used this ingredient for ages, to restore elasticity to the uterine wall, after giving birth.

Panax ginseng

This ingredient is mainly used to act as a natural aid against all kinds of infections and as a strong aphrodisiac.

Kegel exercises

nude woman covering breast Another excellent natural method of vaginal tightening includes physical exercises, more precisely Kegel exercises. The main goal of these exercises is to help women strengthen and tighten their vagina by contracting and relaxing the muscles in their vaginal walls.

These exercises are extremely simple, can be done anywhere, at any time and require no additional equipment. All the exercises boil down to contracting the vaginal muscles, holding them like that for at least 5 seconds and releasing. Doing this, for no more than 30 minutes a day, can have excellent results and substantially improve a woman’s sex life and her overall satisfaction with her vagina.

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Author: Joan Ryckman

man with thick beard

Beard Care Tips

Posted on 2017-08-23  in Mens Grooming

Having a beard has become a popular trend in recent times. Beards had been long considered to be a style of the elderly. However, in recent times most men have begun growing their beards. With the right care, a beard can look really good. It can also become disheveled and look shabby and unkempt if not cared for. Likewise, grooming beards has never been easy. However, it is necessary. How can one groom and care for their beards?

Tips For Beard Care

Beard Styleman with blue eyes

Decide what beard style fits your face structure. Beards style should match the facial hair on one’s face. Different styles suit different hair pattern growth. From a mustache to beards that grow till the neck, to those that have more hair on the side face. With this, one can determine which parts of their face they want hair on.


Trim The Beard

Trimming help to maintain the beards desired length. Likewise, it helps remove stray hair and split ends of the hair strands. It also allows you to look neat and good.


Keep The Beard Clean

It is important to wash your beard and keep it clean. One does not have to use any strong products. Have a product that helps remove the oils that have built up. Ensure to dry your face well. Use a clean towel and gently pat dry the beard mane.


Good Grooming

Just like hair on the head, beards need to care and to be kept healthy. Shampoo and conditioning of the beard are thus an essential part of good grooming. This is especially so for those who have long beards. For those who are still growing the beard soap and water will do until the beard is long enough. Shampooing helps prevent the hair from getting brittle, while conditioning helps keep the beard from getting wiry.


Keep your Beard Healthy

Use beard oils to prevent the beard hair from getting entangled. Beard oils also help the beard hairs to continue to grow strong. Likewise, good oil will keep away dandruff. Furthermore, a good beard oil will keep the face and bbarber shop iconeard from getting oily. Invest in a good aftershave to apply on freshly shaven areas. Get an aftershave that will help sterilize, moisturize and tighten the pores. Do not go for strong scents.

Lastly, eat a healthy diet. There is no proof that one can eat some special foods to assist in beard growth. However, a balanced diet is good for the general well being of the body and that includes skin and hair. In conclusion ensure to have the right tools that is a trimmer, scissors, and a comb.

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Author: Joan Ryckman

pouring oil to bowl

Top health uses of retinol serum

Posted on 2017-04-02  in Beauty

Retinol is the strongest most powerful version of vitamin A. It is a soluble fat and can be absorbed into the body which is often stored in the liver. It ensures strong bones and sharp vision are attained by ensuring that epithelial cells perform their functions properly. Read this write-up for the health benefits of the first-class retinol cream.

Health benefits


oil Retinol serum has very many health benefits to the skin. It is rich in so many good nutrients that are beneficial to skins of all types. It is popularly used in anti aging products due to its effectiveness. It helps get rid of the aging signs such as wrinkles, discoloration and even age spots. It has also proven to be effective in the elimination of fine lines and discolorations that appear mildly. It is therefore an essential ingredient in anti aging skin products since it increases cellular turnover, the main aging contributor. During the aging process, skin cells are replaced at a very slow rate, making it unable to repair itself from daily damage. Retinol serum also has exfoliating effects which makes the skin smooth and also removes layers of dead cells ensuring easy absorption.

Production of oil

Retinol serum is also very beneficial to oily skin since it helps in reduction of oil production in the skin. It’s most known exfoliating capabilities, ensures that the skin pores are clean thereby making it hard for skin breakouts. The reason why retinol serum products are very strong and effective is because its ingredients, extracted from vitamin A, come from retinoids which are known for the improvement of skin appearance especially aging skin. For younger users to enjoy the benefits of retinol serum, retinol is normally converted to retinoic acid in the skins of these young people.

Controlling acne

Retinol serum is also effective in controlling acne in order to get a flawless smooth skin. It makes the skin’s vitamin A to repair itself and look more youthful and it’s super exfoliating effects help in unclogging pores leading to no acne. Retinol also stimulates collagen production which helps in maintaining youthful skin. In the beginning it might be uncomfortable for people with dry skin to use skin products with retinol, but as time passes by, their skin gets used to the vitamin with no serious side effects.


oily appleRetinol serum should be applied once on a daily basis, mostly before retiring to bed since their ability to get into the skin is greater at this time. One can decide to use retinol serum oils too instead of body creams and lotions. This is because the oils are good in terms of repairing skin damages caused by environmental factors.

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Author: Joan Ryckman

led shoes

How To Choose A Good Pair Of Led Shoes

Posted on 2017-03-25  in Clothing

Light up shoes are unique shoes that feature LED lights that change color and light in different patterns. Unlike the shoes that you used to wear when you were a kid, these shoes have a switch that you use to turn them on and off. The shoes are also rechargeable; therefore, you can use them for a long time. For more check out official online store for brand . To charge them you only need to connect them to a power source using the hidden USB port.


Guide To Buying LED Shoesmany pairs of shoes

Factors to Consider

There are many types of these shoes in the market which can be confusing to a new buyer. For you to buy the right ones you need to consider some factors:



The lights are connected to the soles thus when the sole isn’t in good condition the lights won’t look good. To be on the safe side, you should go for shoes made of PVC rubber. The sole should be durable and washable.



As mentioned above, the light up shoes come with a feature that allows you to charge the shoe. To ensure that the shoes remain to illuminate the entire night you should go for those with a long lasting battery. You should go for a shoe that can last for at least 9 hours. The best way of ensuring that your shoe lasts this long is to go for one manufactured by a reputable company.



There is no way that you will enjoy the benefits that come with the shoes if they aren’t comfortable to wear. When making the purchase always check their comfort by wearing them. In addition to being a good fit, they also should be made from comfortable materials.

Tips On How To Take Care Of LED Shoes


Protect From Water

woman wearing shoesFor the shoes to last for long, you should take good care of them. One of the ways of taking care of the shoes is to protect them from getting into contact with too much water. Remember that the LED lights are connected with wires that can cause a short circuit when they get into contact with water. To avoid damaging your shoes, you should avoid wearing them while in the swimming pool or boat trip.


Protect From Too much Heat

In addition to avoiding too much water, you should also avoid exposing your shoes to too much heat. You should avoid placing the shoes near fireplaces, cars, and oven. Experts also recommend that you avoid overcharging the shoe as overcharging it not only makes it too hot, it also tends to shorten the life of the battery.


How Shoe Is Cleaned

The way that you clean the shoes significantly affects how long they last. For them to last for long, avoid putting them in the washing machine. You should also avoid immersing them in water. The best way of cleaning the shoes is using a clean piece of cloth and warm soapy water.

Light up shoes give you a unique look and are a necessary accessory for every party goer. To have a great experience with the shoes ensure that you buy them from a reputable store. Light up shoes also come in different sizes, colors, and designs; therefore, you have many options to choose from.

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Author: Joan Ryckman

Motorcycle Jacket

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Jacket for You

Posted on 2017-03-25  in Clothing

If you are an experienced motorcycle enthusiast or an even a beginner, your main concern will be to find the perfect motorcycle. You probably made some research and already knew that there is no perfect one. You know that it has to be adapted to your needs and preferences. Well, the same goes with the motorcycle gear and is very important to select the right one when you’re making your choices. The most important part of that gear is the jacket, and bellow we will present a few tips for choosing the right motorcycle jacket for you.

Motorcycle jacket

1) Choose quality

A premium quality jacket may be more expensive than a regular qualiwoman wearing Motorcycle Jacketty one, but consider this investment, and keep in mind that a quality motorcycle jacket could last you for years.

It goes without saying that the best jackets are the leather ones, but it’s important as well to observe how it was manufactured. You will wear that jacket on a speeding motorcycle, so quality is a must be to protect yourself from the wind and to cover the most vulnerable parts of your body.

2) Modern jackets are more than just a nice design

A lot of vintage motorcycle owners tend to search for jackets that were produced in the same year as the model they’re riding. This is a very nice thing for design, but you must consider that old jackets don’t have all the protective features as the modern ones and don’t offer the same comfort.

Luckily, there are a lot of jacket models to choose from, so you can just search for an item that has your design preferences but offers a proper protection and safety.

3) Be sure that the jacket fits you

Normally, motorcycle jackets are made in standard sizes, and it’s almost impossible to get a customized sized model without paying a fortune for it. So before you make any final decision, make sure that the jacket fits you well.

The most important thing when you try a new jacket is to simulate the position you’ll be sitting on your bike while wearing it. This way, you’ll see how it behaves on your body and if it’s comfortable enough.

4) Make yourself visible in traffic

Another importman using helmet and Motorcycle Jacketant aspect when you’re choosing the right motorcycle jacket for you is to pay attention to the colors of the jacket, and not just because of fashion. A lot of riders tend to buy black motorcycle jackets, as they look simple and can be worn in everyday life.

But a black jacket can be noticed very hard in traffic, so this is why it’s important to opt for some more bright or intense colors like orange, yellow, or even models with reflective material. This way, you will be easily seen by other drivers, and you will lower the chances of being involved in an accident.

5) Treat your jacket as you treat your bike

So you followed all the tips above, and you just bought a perfect motorcycle jacket. Good! But that’s not all of it because the most important thing is how will you take care of your jacket to make sure that it will maintain its quality. Well, a first important step, if your jacket is made of leather, is to constantly treat it with leather oil or leather balm.

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Author: Joan Ryckman

wearing ring 2

How to make your engagement perfect

Posted on 2017-03-05  in Jewelry


We all look forward to finding the right partner and when we do its time to make the bond stronger. Before a couple gets married, an engagement party is in order, and this is to announce to the world that they intend to get married. Let us look at a few things you can do to make that day special.

Engagementsholding diamond ring

This is an event that is important for the couple and the families concerned. Most people make it a small dinner gathering where the close family and friends are invited to witness the announcement. So how can we make this day special? Here are a few tips that will help you.

Get the perfect ring

There are thousands of designs when it comes to choosing the perfect ring. However, getting one that is unique to the receiver will make it even more special. You can consider buying a ring that is unique to the month that the receiver was born and this will involve selecting peridot engagement rings for the month of August or another depending on the month or birth. You can find which stone is meant for a particular month by doing a little online research and buy the ring accordingly.

Make it simple

An engagement party does not have to be a big event. You can make it a simple dinner, tea party or even an evening out at a family restaurant. Do not bother spending too much because there will be enough time to do so on your wedding day. A nice get together by the ocean, or a lake will also be a very good idea but make sure you do not forget to take some photos of the engagement.

wearing ring Clothes

For some couples, the engagement is the first step towards the wedding. Therefore they may want to dress up nicely for the event. The man can wear a nice evening suit while the woman can get a cocktail dress which will match with her partner’s clothes. Make sure that the clothes you get are comfortable and not too tight so that you can enjoy the moment without feeling too stressed.


These are just a few ideas to make your engagement special. But always remember that you must do what makes the two of you happy. Ensure that you keep your future in mind and therefore, not spend too much unless of course, you have a fat bank balance.

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Author: Joan Ryckman

food in bowl

Reducing Age Spots, Mild Scarring, And Fine Lines

Posted on 2016-10-14  in Skin Care

Facial scars are formed in various ways. The scars may be in result of injuries, skin diseases, surgery or burns. An individual’s face is usually exposed to the surrounding environment which makes the injury on the part of the body a longer time to heal. On some areas of the body, an individual is required to cover the wounded part which accelerates the healing process. For reducing age spots, mild scarring, and fine lines, there are several methods an individual should consider.

Different ways


rubbing creamDermabrasion is a standard method, and usually it is useful for getting rid of facial scars. It is carried out by a person known as a dermatologist. A wire brush or a wheel is used to remove the skin’s top layers on an individual face. Individuals with sensitive are advised not consider this method since it makes them very uncomfortable. Individuals with autoimmune disorders also should not consider this option. Fifty percent of scars on an individual’s face is reduced when dermabrasion method is found.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are usually applied on an individual’s face. These chemicals peels contain acids which are gentle to one’s skin. When applied to one’s skin, the layer of the skin on the upper area breaks away and spills off, and another layer of the skin is exposed. Deep peel, medium peel, and superficial peel are the common types of chemical peel. When an individual undergoes a deep peel, he takes a longer time to heal. When chemical peel process is done correctly, it results in a smooth and younger skin.

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing involves the removal of the upper layer of the skin which results in a new layer being exposed. In laser resurfacing acids are not employed. The use of laser beams which are high powdered is applied to the upper surface of the skin to be removed. Carbon dioxide and erbium are the types of laser resurfacing. The erbium is considered the safest method for the smooth and soft face. When dealing with facial scars, Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing is suitable. The healing process is usually fast.

Plastic surgery

holding handsPlastic surgery is another treatment method available to consider. This treatment method is expensive, very few people can afford. The scar tissue is usually removed surgically, or a scalpel is altered with the scar tissue in this process. For this procedure to be carried out an individual will be required to visit and consult a plastic surgeon.